Ajeet Joshi

A modern Chakravanti and doctoral student


General: Ajeet Joshi is an Indian Chakravanti and member of the Lhaksmists faction. He has arrived in Toronto as a doctoral student at the University of Toronto in Mathematics and has become deeply involved in campus life. Beyond his own Tradition mates, Ajeet has only introduced himself to those Traditionalists which spend a fair amount of time on campus.

Abilities: Ajeet only Awakened during his early graduate work, and he balances his mundane and magical training: advanced mathematical work for his mundane training and numerology for his magical training. He obtained a BMath from the Indian Statistical Institute and an MA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, with a year off afterwards to formalize his entry into the Chakravanti. Ajeet has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in mental empowerment and numerology.


Ajeet does not speak extensively of his past. As he tells it, he lived a well-off, urban life in India as the son of two bureaucrats. He always had an affinity and interest in mathematics, and so he pursued further education without much plan on how to apply such knowledge once he finished. He first attended and excelled at the Indian Statistical Institute and then UC Berkeley. During his time at Berkeley, Ajeet Awakened and came to the attention of the Chakravanti, whom helped him through his initial training and ultimately inducted him into the Tradition while he took a year off of school after completing his Masters. He was accepted at the University of Toronto to begin doctoral work, which he began in the Autumn of 1970 and has embedded himself into campus life and his work.

Ajeet Joshi

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