Amaterasu Mori

A Shinto Dreamspeaker and multi-cultural counsellor


General: Amaterasu Mori is a Shinto Dreamspeaker and member of the Red Spear Society faction. Although she is active within her own Tradition, she maintains close ties with Callum Quick, and with Sorin Hildebrand and the Hermetic House Tremere.

Abilities: Amaterasu has been Awakened for a decade, but her magical training has been balanced with her academic work and other pursuits. She studied both Psychology and Anthropology, obtaining a PhD in Psychology and MA in Anthropology from the University of Toronto, and as part of her Shinto training has become quite competent with both a yumi and a tanto. Amaterasu has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in shamanism and mental manipulaton..


Amaterasu was born in an internment camp for Japanese-Canadians shortly after internment began. When her family was released, they were forcibly moved by the Canadian government to Ontario from British Columbia, and they settled in Toronto. Although her family was nearly destitute, scholarships saw Amaterasu through school and to the attainment of a PhD in Counselling Psychology and MA in Anthropology. Since her early days as a student, Amaterasu has involved herself in various forms of activism, and has spoken out against government treatment of minority groups. In the last year, Amaterasu has opened a service for multi-cultural counselling wherein psychological counselling is provided to immigrants and minorities on mental issues pertaining to these groups and assistance coping with Canadian culture and retaining or learning native cultures is offered.

Amaterasu Mori

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