Ana Chigi

An occultist and Grand Chancellor of the Arcanum


General: Ana Chigi is the mysterious Grand Chancellor of the Arcanum. She is said to reside at the Foundation House, which is the heart of the Arcanum as an organization, and she presides over the Annual Proceedings of the Arcanum, the organization’s peer-reviewed, publicly available journal.

Abilities: Nothing is known of Ana’s abilities beyond the fact that she leads the Arcanum, an occult and far-reaching academic society, and that she possesses sufficient resources to prevent prying into her history and whereabouts.


Nothing is known concretely of Ana’s history beyond her position as the Grand Chancellor of the Arcanum; however, guesswork has placed her as some sort of long-lived person that has her origins in the early Chigi family in the 13th century.

Ana Chigi

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