Anath Zalman

A divergent Verbenae and Wiccan priestess


General: Anath Zalman is a Wiccan Verbenae and member of the Moon-Seekers faction. She is sociable and eclectic in her practices, which has distanced her from the traditional members of her Tradition but allowed her to easily befriend some members of other Traditions, particularly Summer Sun of the Celestial Chorus and Meskhenet Mazu of the Order of Hermes.

Abilities: Anath only Awakened in the Summer of 1970, and has progressed fairly quickly in her training. She has been active in the New Age community for some time and is well-trained in Wiccan and other new age beliefs, as well as possessing a surprisingly in-depth knowledge of Kabbalism. Anath has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in astral perception.


Virtually nothing is known of Anath’s history at this point. She speaks little of her past and nothing of parents at all; however, in recent years she has been active in the New Age circles and practices as a Wiccan priestess.

Anath Zalman

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