Annabel Sinclair

A Hollow One and counterculture leader


General: Annabel Sinclair is the leader of the Hollows Ones for Toronto and a member of the Councilor faction. In addition to her leadership role with the Hollow Ones, Annabel is also an active leader in the counterculture movement of the city. Annabel is quite friendly with Sorin Hildebrand of the Hermetic House Tremere, and he is currently advising her on her PhD thesis.

Abilities: Annabel has been Awakened for nearly a decade, and while she has continued her academic pursuits during that time, they tie in closely to her magical theories, allowing for quick magical progress for a Hollow One. She possesses an MA in Literature and Critical Theory from the University of Toronto and is pursuing a PhD; her academic studies include literature, Philosophy, and Political Science. Annabel has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in rhapsodomancy and understanding the (dis)unity of opposites.


Annabel was born in Toronto and involved with the counterculture movement from a young age; her parents were members of the Beat Generation and she inherited a similar identity, even after Beat was subsumed into the larger hippie movement. With the mainstreaming and slow decline of the hippies, Annabel has become an icon within the devoted counterculture movement of Toronto and the Hollow Ones. She Awakened rather young, sometime early in high school, and has been active within academic circles since her entry to post-secondary. Since then, she has become friendly with Sorin Hildebrand to the point of asking him to be her faculty advisor, and for several years now she has advocated for the entry of the Hollow Ones into the Traditions.

Annabel Sinclair

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