Anthony Starkweather

A Salubri knight and demon hunter


General: Anthony Starkweather, or Anthony Stark as he is currently known, is a vampire of the Salubri Clan and one of the three triumvirs, a group of vampires which rule the city on behalf of the Camarilla, a global vampiric conspiracy.

Abilities: Anthony is known to be a knight and demon hunter with several centuries of experience; moreover, as a vampire he is known to have been active for most, if not all, of this time, suggesting a great deal of personal power. He is also known to possess a great deal of wealth, owning many sites and business around Toronto, including a portion of the Alexandra Park neighbourhood and Little Trinity Anglican Church, as well as all but one of the plots directly adjacent to Little Trinity Anglican Church.


All that is known of Anthony’s history thus far is that he has been active in Toronto for more than two centuries, and was born and trained as a knight and demon hunter in the Old World.

Anthony Starkweather

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