Astryd Lavoie

An Ecstatic consor and Vodoun Mambo


General: Astryd is a notable consor of the Cult of Ecstasy and linear sorcerer. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and arrived in Toronto in 1969. Since arriving, Astryd has become the religious focal point of the small Haitian diaspora in Toronto. Astryd’s affiliation to the Cult of Ecstasy is quite strong; however, she is also friendly towards the Chakravanti and the Dreamspeakers of Toronto.

Abilities: Astryd is a young, talented linear sorcerer that serves as a religious figure for the Haitian diaspora in Toronto. Despite what her magical tradition would suggest to some, Astryd is sociable and urbane. Astryd has shown an understanding of the linear sorcery paths of Fortune, Healing, and Oneiromancy.


Astryd was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and immigrated to Montreal with her parents as a young child. Raised among the bustling and growing Haitian diaspora in Montreal, Astryd was trained in Vodoun by her Houngan father. Gaining fluency in English through her time in Montreal, when Astryd was prepared to leave home it was decided that she should move to Toronto, to minister to the small Haitian diaspora living there. She arrived in Toronto in 1969, and since then she has worked among and come to be the religious focal point of Toronto’s Haitian diaspora.

Astryd Lavoie

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