Callum Quick

An adventurous Etherite and professor


General: Callum Quick is an Etherite and member of the Adventurer faction. When not away on archaeological work, Callum is a professor at the University of Toronto and an active guardian of his fellow Etherites and other Traditionalists around the campus. He often collaborates with Amaterasu Mori, and the two retain close ties.

Abilities: Callum only Awakened a few years ago while away on archaeological work for his doctorate. Before his Awakening, Callum was already regarded a polymath; his academic work in Anthropology and Physics was rounded by life-long interests in literature, languages, mechanical tinkering, and boxing. Callum has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in the creation and deciphering of supernatural objects.


Callum was born in Glasgow, Scotland to an uneventful life, and left his homeland due to the dual lures of schooling and adventure. Attending the University of Toronto for both his graduate degrees, Callum Awakened during an expedition for his doctoral field work. Since Awakening, Callum has become an active guardian for the Etherites and other Traditionalists on campus. When not away on expeditions, Callum has shown an interest in the methods of other Traditions, as they often involve the well-preserved practice of cultural traits which cannot be found in the modern world.

Callum Quick

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