Carina White

A passionate Chorister and Nephilim


General: Carina is an Awakened Celestial Chorister and member of the Sisters of Gabrielle faction. Formerly, Carina was a member of the Cult of Ecstasy, but she recently left the Cult and was inducted into the Chorus. Carina is known to be an Umbral hybrid, or Nephilim, and is the offspring of a mortal woman and an Umbrood: her height makes her stand out in a crowd and her odd heritage is palpable to those around her. Carina is jointly learning from Monroe Saunders and Georgette St. Croix, and has begun collaborating with Idris Powell of the Order of Hermes on his group vigilance initiative.

Abilities: Carina has been Awakened for several years at this point, but due to her lack of progress with the Cult of Ecstasy and recent shift to the Celestial Chorus, her knowledge is still limited. Her Nephilim heritage provides Carina with certain advantages: her size and surprising physicality make her a formidable combatant, and she possesses the ability to physically enter the Astral Umbra without recourse to magic. Carina has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in manipulation of the Astral Umbra.


Carina was born in Australia but brought to Toronto when she was quite young by her mother, who raised Carina as an only parent. In her teenage years, Carina was offered a scholarship for women’s basketball at the University of Toronto despite mediocre grades, and attended university for two years before being expelled amid a cheating scandal. During this time, Carina Awakened and joined the Cult of Ecstasy. However, Carina failed to apply herself as a new mage and instead made contact with many of the seedier elements of the city. After a drug overdose, Carina found herself in the St. Joseph Health Centre, and upon leaving after her recuperation she parted ways with the Cult of Ecstasy and joined the Celestial Chorus. Since her change in Tradition, Carina has begun to apply herself to her studies and become involved with several charitable organizations around Toronto. She has maintained amicable, if slightly distant, relations with her former Tradition, and has become an ardent supporter of Idris Powell’s vision of group vigilance of the Spirit Worlds.

Carina White

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