Cassandra Frost

An Etherite explorer and visiting Master


General: Cassandra Frost is an Awakened Etherite and member of the Adventurer faction. After an absence of several years from active Tradition business, she has recently resurfaced and accepted the Mesmer-Rhine Chair of Applied Parapsychology, settling for the moment in Toronto. She is a former cabal mate of Octavia Grey and her career of adventuring continued on after their cabal disbanded. She is currently functioning as a visiting professor at the University of Toronto and has shown an interest in the area’s archaeological history.

Abilities: Cassandra is a mythical figure in the Sons of Ether, as many long-time adventurers are, and it is thus difficult to precisely know her abilities. She is classically-trained as an archaeologist and explorer with many years of practice stretching back to the tombs of Egypt in the late Victorian era. She is well-versed in Umbral travel and exploration, particularly of the Astral Umbra, and possesses enough ability to maintain a youthful appearance. Cassandra has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in astral projection and umbral travel.


Cassandra was born to an aristocratic English family in the 1870s and Awakened as a teen during an archaeological dig in Egypt with her father. After this point, the legends told of Cassandra make her history harder to properly track, but it is known that after the shift of the Sons of Ether from the Order of Reason to the Nine Traditions, she formed a cabal with Octavia Grey and other Traditionalists. The often sought goal of this cabal in their many adventures was the secret of immortality. These adventures, as well as later adventures after her cabal had disbanded become mixed, and include exploration of the Hollow Earth, journeying to the upper reaches of the Epiphamies, and sneaking into the personal Umbral realms of the werewolves.

Cassandra Frost

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