Charlotte Quay

An idealistic Verbenae and new age spiritualist


General: Charlotte Quay is a recently Awakened Verbenae and member of the Moon-Seeker faction. Although she has not joined a cabal at this point, she is often seen around Toronto with her friend, Starshine. Charlotte trains under Rory Driscoll.

Abilities: Charlotte has only just begun her Awakened career, but already shows great potential: quick advancement, charm and wit, intelligence, and stubborn self-determination. Although her formal schooling is minimal, Charlotte has been deeply involved in neopaganism for several years and is well-versed in herbalism and other hedge magic practices. Charlotte has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in healing and spiritualism.


Charlotte is a young native of Toronto, raised by a single mother who ran away from her wealthy family to immerse herself in the Beatnik culture. Charlotte was raised by a rebellious mother, and in turn rebelled against her mother. Running off on her sixteenth birthday, Charlotte only recently returned to Toronto after Awakening at Woodstock with her new friend, Starshine, in tow. Charlotte has become involved with the Moon-Seeker faction of the Verbenae since returning to Toronto.

Charlotte Quay

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