Dennis Grenville

An assertive Ecstatic and city councillor


General: Dennis is an Awakened Ecstatic and member of the Dissonance Society faction. For the last two terms, Dennis has held a city council seat in Ward 6, which includes the Financial District and the University of Toronto. Dennis is well-regarded by the Ecstatics of the city and is a personal friend of Sorin Hildebrand of House Tremere.

Abilities: Dennis has been Awakened for nearly two decades, and has split his time between the pursuit of enlightenment and social reform. Dennis attended the University of Toronto in his youth, completing a BA in Economics and Psychology, and an MA in Economics specializing in Marxist Economics. In 1966, Dennis was elected to city council in Ward 6, a position he was re-elected to in 1969: this position gives him access to temporal power in Toronto and puts him into contact with many important figures. Dennis has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in the prediction of human actions and the reading of recurrent cycles.


Dennis was born in London, England but immigrated to Canada shortly before the Second World War, settling in Toronto. He Awakened in his late teenage years and joined the Cult of Ecstasy, finding a place among the Joybringer faction. Attending the University of Toronto, Dennis achieved a BA in Economics and Psychology and became involved in the New Age Movement of the 1960s, becoming a regular in the party scene. In 1963, Dennis traveled abroad with other North American Ecstatics to learn from an Ecstatic yogi for six months. By 1964, Dennis began to mature and returned to university, achieving an additional MA in Marxist Economics and befriending Sorin Hildebrand of House Tremere. With his partying days behind him, Dennis now began to focus on issues of social reform and inequality and switched factions to the Dissonance Society. In 1966, Dennis ran for a city council seat in Ward 6 and won, a seat he re-won in 1969.

Dennis Grenville

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