Devin Atkinson

A Hermetic judge and young lawyer


General: Devin Atkinson is an Awakened Hermetic and member of the House Quaesitor faction. Although Devin is sociable, he takes his position as a legal interpreter within the Order of Hermes very seriously, and thus he tries to remain above Tradition politics to retain neutrality.

Abilities: Devin Awakened while in law school after coming across a Hermetic primer, and he completed his school studies in the past year. He is well-versed in both the Sleeper and Hermetic legal systems, and completed undergraduate majors in European history and philosophy. As a hobbyist athlete and boxer, Devin has also kept himself in good physical condition. Devin has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in self-empowerment, both physical and mental.


Devin was born in Toronto and attended the University of Toronto, first as an undergraduate student and then as a law student. Until his Awakening in law school, Devin passed below the notice of the mages of the city; he then trained under a visiting professor and Quaesitor, limiting his local connections to the Order of Hermes. His father, also a lawyer, possesses a legal office which he now works out of.

Devin Atkinson

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