Florence Shi

A Western Akashic and Buddhist nun


General: Florence Shi is a recently Awakened Akashayana and member of the Kannagara faction. After being trained and initiated at a Buddhist temple in China, Florence returned to Toronto and became involved at a local temple.

Abilities: Florence has only been Awakened for a year, but her studies have progressed sufficiently that she has left active tutelage and is currently undergoing a regimen of contemplative self-study. Before being trained and initiated at a Buddhist temple, Florence attended York University, completing dual degrees: a BA in Business and Society and a BFA in Musical Theatre. Although she has not been known to practice Do for martial purposes, Florence does practice it for both its aesthetics and health benefits. Florence has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in the reading of the Akashic Record.


Florence was born in Toronto as Florence Mirvish and raised in a very comfortable lifestyle. She attended York University the year it became an independent institution, and received dual degrees: a BA in Business and Society, which studies economics, political economy, business practices, organizational theories, business ethics, and non-profit organizations; a BFA in Musical Theatre, which includes the study of singing, stage acting, and dancing. After she completed her time at York, Florence went abroad and studied at a Shaolin monastery for nearly two years, Awakening during the time. Choosing to become a Buddhist nun, and receiving the name of Shi after her Buddhist initiation, Florence completed her apprenticeship with the Akashayana before recently returning to Toronto. Since returning, Florence splits her time between a local Buddhist temple and performing in musicals at local theatres.

Florence Shi

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