Georgette St. Croix

A devout Chorister and glorious knight


General: Georgette St. Croix is a Celestial Chorister and a member of the Knights of St. George and the Dragon faction. She is the appointed defender of Monroe Saunders.

Abilities: Georgette possesses all the classical knowledge expected of a chevalier: horse riding, sword-fighting, use of lances, battlefield tactics, courtly etiquette, and knightly piety. Georgette has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in the channeling and imbuement of energies, particularly quintessence.


Georgette St. Croix was born in France, but spent her formative years in Quebec City, returning to France in her late teenage years to study the way of the chevalier after Awakening. With her training complete, she wandered for a time with other members of her faction before settling in Toronto, duly appointed to defend Monroe Saunders, the local leader of the Celestial Chorus.

Georgette St. Croix

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