Horace Baird

A Hermetic apprentice and wordsmith


General: Horace Baird is an Awakened Hermetic and aspiring member of the House Jerbiton faction. He is the first son of a minor English peerage family which have long been associated with the Order of Hermes. He only arrived in Toronto shortly before the beginning of Summer in 1971, and since his arrival has been apprenticed to Meskhenet Mazu.

Abilities: Horace has only recently completed his communal schooling as a Hermetic and Awakened fully to True Magick. As a Hermetic, he has received an extensive classical education including the learning of several languages and the foundations of linguistic theory. Horace has yet to show strong magical inclinations, but he has shown ability at mental empowerment.


Horace was born to a minor family of the peerage of England which has long been associated with the Order of Hermes: his mother is a member of House Shaea and his father is a fellow member of House Jerbiton. He was trained at home before deciding to seek entry to House Jerbiton and has only recently finished his communal learning to move on to his period of personal apprenticeship. His mater has been set as Meskhenet Mazu of House Shaea.

Horace Baird

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