Idris Powell

A Hermetic summoner and ex-military


General: Idris Powell is an Awakened Hermetic and member of the House Flambeau faction. Although he is very active within his own Tradition, Idris makes a point of being acquainted with the various spiritualists and shamans of the city, promoting a group vigilance of the Spirit Worlds. Thus far, Carina White of the Celestial Chorus has been the most ardent supporter of Idris’ group vigilance initiative.

Abilities: Idris only fully Awakened recently, but was struggling to Awaken for years before House Flambeau identified him. As ex-military, Idris remains in a fit physical condition and possesses a knowledge of military operating procedures and combat training. Idris has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in the manipulation of spirits and pyromancy.


Idris comes from a Moorish family which settled in Wales generations ago, and only came to Toronto a year ago, after completing his Hermetic training. He spent years struggling to Awaken while in the military, and it was only with the help of House Flambeau that he fully Awakened. His Awakening led him to leave the military and begin his Hermetic training.

Idris Powell

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