Jackson Harris

A rebellious Chorister and Christian rocker


General: Jackson Harris is a recently Awakened Celestial Chorister and has expressed no interest in joining a faction within the Chorus. Although Jackson publicly identifies himself as a Christian, his own activities as a rock musician place him at odds with organized churches which decry the influence of such music; for his part, he also decries the practices of organized churches. Jackson has contact with other Choristers in Toronto, but his relations with more conservative elements of the Chorus are strained. Jackson has agreed to minimal official instruction under Monroe Saunders and is informally mentored by Summer Sun.

Abilities: Jackson has only been Awakened for a short time, and due to his limited training his progress so far has been slow. Jackson’s skills run towards the decidedly more blue-collar: general repair work, construction, and other manual labour. However, Jackson has also shown competency in musical performance and composition, which has begun to provide him some local notoriety. Jackson has yet to develop an area or flair for magical ability worthy of note.


Jackson was born and raised in Toronto by a lower-middle class family with devout protestant leanings. Since his teenage years, Jackson has rebelled against stifling authority and dogmatic adherence to tradition; although, he has retained a strong faith through this all. Supporting himself through blue-collar work after leaving his family home at the age of 16, Jackson discovered his talent for music and began to perform Christian rock to small venues of rebellious but religiously-minded enthusiasts. He became a local musician of some note for his unique style of rock, and now partially supports himself as a musical artist, lessening his need to work in manual labour. At some point while writing his most recent set of songs, Jackson Awakened and was found by Summer Sun shortly after her arrival to Toronto. Summer inducted Jackson into the Chorus and he has since trained under Monroe Saunders officially while receiving some informal mentorship from Summer.

Jackson Harris

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