Joseph Walker

A didactic Dreamspeaker and storyteller


General: Joseph Walker is an Awakened Dreamspeaker and member of the Baruti faction. Although he does speak for his Tradition in Toronto, he is advised by Kaga, a Dreamspeaker elder whom lives on a nearby reserve. Joseph will work with other Traditions when needed, but he often views other Traditions as arrogant and cavalier.

Abilities: Joseph has been Awakened for over two decades and his medicine has largely developed through self-training or the training of spirit allies. He attended the University of Toronto, achieving a BSc in Biology and Geography and later a MSc in Zoology, and has worked with the federal government in land planning and management for all of his professional life. Joseph has trained extensively in the traditional skills of an Iroquois hunter and the applied portion of his career has made him a physically powerful and imposing figure. Joseph has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in shamanism and oneiromancy.


Joseph was born as an Indian on a reserve, and immediately marked by his elders as someone that would excel. He performed well at hunting and other physical activities, developing physically, and took to education well with a quick mind and a voracious appetite for stories of written or oral form. When he had exhausted his educational opportunities on the reserve, Joseph went abroad in search of more learning and more stories. While this would ultimately result in an impressive educational background for a Native American, his education and the career gained from it resulted in his forcible ‘enfranchisement’ as a Canadian citizen, meaning that legally he is no longer of Indian status. During his training abroad from the reserve he also came to the attention of helpful spirits, learning more stories from the spirits directly and developing his medicine. While he may no longer live on the reserve, he visits it often and has been invited into a guardianship role as a Dreamspeaker, leading the Tradition in Toronto.

Joseph Walker

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