A Dreamspeaker elder and medicine man


General: Kaga is an Awakened Dreamspeaker and member of the Keepers of the Sacred Flame faction. Kaga lives on the Mississaugas of Scugog Island Indian Reserve where he serves as an elder to both the Native community and the Dreamspeakers of the region. Given the decentralized nature of the Dreamspeakers as a Tradition, his role is that of a respected advisor rather than a leader.

Abilities: Kaga was born and raised on the reserve where he now lives, learning the wisdom of his culture and steeped in the Traditions of shamans and medicine men. His knowledge of other practices and the world beyond the reserve is somewhat limited, but he possesses a vast knowledge of the Otherworlds and spirits. Kaga has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in spirit channeling and the manipulation of primal energies.


Kaga was born in the Mississaugas of Scugog Island Indian Reserve and has lived there all of his life. Early in his life he was singled out as wise beyond his years and began a long apprenticeship under a medicine man. He was in many ways purposefully sheltered from some of the realities of the world beyond the reserve and encouraged to explore the Otherworlds, which were deemed purer and more conducive to spiritual learning. His Awakening happened early in his teenage years and he has spent many years developing his knowledge of the Otherworlds and many personal relationships with spirits of varying ability. As an elder, Kaga has since learned of many of the realities of Earth, but he always strives to advise his charges on the best way to maintain and reclaim the knowledge and culture of their ancestors.


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