Konrad Mann

A primal Verbenae and werewolf kin


General: Konrad Mann is an Awakened Verbenae and member of the Lifeweaver faction. Bearing a familial relationship to werewolves found near Toronto, Konrad has acted as a point of contact between mage society and the werewolves, but this contact has been limited and unfruitful thus far. Konrad also trains under Rory Driscoll.

Abilities: Konrad has been Awakened for several years, and even before that time he was knowledgeable of the supernatural through his werewolf relations. His schooling is minimal, but Konrad has shown advanced knowledge of survival skills, wilderness lore, and both armed and unarmed combat. He has also shown a limited ability to invoke the spiritual gifts of werewolves. Konrad has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in self-empowerment.


Konrad was born on the outskirts of Toronto to a family of werewolf kin, and although he never became a werewolf, he was singled out as a powerful kinfolk. Konrad was not known to the mages of Toronto until after his Awakening, when he came into contact with Rory Driscoll and was inducted into the Verbenae. Little else is known of Konrad’s history at this point, and he is careful with what others know of him or werewolf relations.

Konrad Mann

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