Liam Hayden

A dissident Ecstatic and corporate consultant


General: Liam Hayden is an Awakened Ecstatic and member of the Acharne faction, one of the factions considered dissidents to the prevailing Code of Ananda. His contact with his own Tradition is minimal but stiffly continued, and Liam’s contacts among the Sleeper population, particularly the corporate world due to his profession, are quite extensive. For widely unknown reasons, the Akashayana are antagonistic towards Liam.

Abilities: Liam has been Awakened for nearly a decade, but no Ecstatic of the city has mentored him, due to his allegiance with the Acharne. He studied business at Harvard and law at Oxford before returning to his native Toronto, already Awakened and inducted into his faction. Although his family does not possess the wealth it once did, Liam is affluent through his work and connected to many highly placed elites in the city through his family or business interests. Little is known of Liam’s magical abilities.


Liam was born in Toronto to a family possessing a pedigree dating back to English capitalism, and more importantly to the days of the Family Compact. Although his family is Irish Catholic, they understood the importance of upholding “gentlemanly capitalism” and thus were accepted into the fold. His father lost much of the family fortune in the Depression, and only through family connections was Liam able to acquire the education which he now possesses. Since returning to Toronto after completing his schooling abroad, Liam has associated with few outside of his corporate consulting work, and mostly remains under the radar; the Akashayana, however, are an exception, as they seem keenly interested in him.

Liam Hayden

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