A Hermetic Archmaster and political mastermind


General: Meerlinda is an Awakened Hermetic and the Prima (feminine form of Primus) of House Tremere. Although the Order of Hermes is officially managed by the Primi of the major Houses, Meerlinda exerts a powerful influence over the daily business of the Order from House Tremere’s domus magnus, Branugurix. She is widely considered to be the oldest living Hermetic, and spends much of her time on Earth.

Abilities: Meerlinda has been Awakened for over a millenium, and has studied a vast array of subjects over her long life; however, her most obvious competencies reside in the study of structures of all sorts, including alchemy, architecture, biology, metaphysics, organizational psychology, as well as political machinations and an extensive knowledge of vampires. Over time, Meerlinda has kept up with modern innovations in various fields, but often defaults to an Aristotelian worldview which can confound her rare contemporary apprentices at times.


Meerlinda was born to members of House Diedne of the Order of Hermes and is culturally Pictish by birth. A genius child, she Awakened early but was not content with the magicks of her ancestral people, leading her to join House Tremere. She excelled within House Tremere, becoming part of the Council of Seven which administrates House Tremere; however, she disapproved of the renunciation of House Diedne during the Schism War, and was a vocal opponent of both her own Primus, Tremere, and the Primi of both House Flambeau and House Quaesitori, whom assisted the Diedne purge and renounced the Diedne, respectively. Details are quite vague, but at some point while performing a Great Work all of the Council of Seven except Meerlinda perished. Assuming leadership of House Tremere, Meerlinda defused the purge of House Diedne and the Schism War successfully, and accepted the remains of House Diedne into House Tremere as a distinct secondary House. As a sign of good faith to House Diedne, the domus magnus of House Tremere was shifted from Ceoris to Branugurix, the ancestral domus magnus of House Diedne.

Since assuming the leadership of House Tremere, Meerlinda has become a powerful force within the Order of Hermes and the Nine Traditions. Meerlinda was pivotal in the creation of the Nine Traditions. Within the Order, her House has become the face of the Order in political and diplomatic affairs, both to other mages and Sleepers, and in the name of the Traditions has aggressively pursued the fostering of Sleeper theories which are critical of the Technocratic hegemony. Meerlinda herself, and her House, are also known for an extensive knowledge of vampires, and have led hunts upon quarrelsome vampires at times through the centuries, mainly caused by the overlapping geographic spheres of influence the Tremere ancestrally share with a group of vampires called the Tzimisce and a belligerent vampiric group known as House Goratrix.


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