Melinda Su

An Akashic consor and negotiator


General: Melinda is a notable consor of the Akashayana and linear sorcerer. She was born in Toronto and has long been associated with the historical and occult practices of the Chinese-Canadian population through her parents’ store in Chinatown. On more than one occasion, Melinda has been empowered to speak on behalf of the Akashayana at official functions, and she is said to be a confidante of Tan Ning Yi.

Abilities: Melinda is a practiced linear sorcerer who has extensively studied the historical and occult practices of Chinese culture. She is shrewd and persuasive in negotiation, and serves as both a diplomat and negotiator for the Akashayana. Melinda has shown an understanding of the linear sorcery path of Shadowcasting and is believed by some to be proficient in the path of Fascination.


Melinda was born Mei Ya Su in Toronto as a third-generation Chinese-Canadian shortly after the end of formal discrimination of Chinese-Canadians through the Chinese Exclusion Act and prohibitions on Chinese-Canadians from voting. Melinda acquired only minimal schooling, but made a wide study of history and occultism, specializing particularly in Chinese culture and practices: this was made quite easy by working in her parents’ store, which specialized in imported Chinese goods of all varieties and herbal remedies. In her late teenage years, she became involved with the Akashayana, and has been a respected consor of the Tradition since.

Melinda Su

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