Meskhenet Mazu

A Hermetic librarian and priestess


General: Meskhenet Mazu is an Awakened Hermetic and member of the House Shaea faction. She is a recent arrival to Toronto and spent much of her formative years training at various Hermetic colleges, only coming to Toronto at the beginning of 1970.

Abilities: Meskhenet was born into a Hermetic family and Awakened slowly through years of training in various Hermetic colleges. Known for intelligence, a near-perfect memory, and an astonishing skill with numbers, Meskhenet has studied law with House Quaesitori, structural theories with House Tremere, art and craftworking with House Veriditus, and most recently the precepts of language and mathematics with House Shaea. Ultimately, she has applied these various skills to the study of demonology, seeking to understand, and thus exploit, the complex hierarchy and symbolism of demons. Meskhenet has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in sacred geometry and language.


Meskhenet was born abroad to Awakened Hermetic parents and spent much of her life in a variety of Hermetic colleges. After fully Awakening, often a slow process for traditional Hermetics, Meskhenet joined the ranks of House Shaea and was taken to be trained in the High Umbra. Recently returning to Earth, she has been appointed the librarian of the local Hermetic chantry in Toronto, and has begun to care for and expand the collection found there.

Meskhenet Mazu

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