Octavia Grey

A Hermetic sage and slightly eccentric Master


General: Octavia Grey is an Awakened Hermetic and member of the House Bonisagus faction. She is the highest ranked Hermetic within Toronto, but political leadership and the daily operations of the Hermetic chantry are instead tended to by Sorin Hildebrand. Octavia is considered slightly eccentric, and is rarely seen outside of the Hermetic chantry of Casa Loma. Her granddaughter is Sabine Marceau, whom has only recently come to live in Toronto.

Abilities: Octavia’s Awakened career stretches back to the very end of the Victorian era, when she began training as a Hermetic apprentice; as an academic, her knowledge of Hermetic magical theory is extensive and she possess an enviable library which is housed within Casa Loma. In her youth, Octavia adventured on Earth and in many Umbral realms extensively, conducting magical archaeology research. Octavia has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in alchemy and the manipulation of quintessence.


Octavia was born in the latter half of the Victorian era, and Awakened shortly before the dawning of the 20th century. Few personal details are known from her early life, but it is known that she benefited from an aristrocratic upbringing in an ancestral Tytalan family, enjoying the freedom which the Pax Britannica brought to travel to Egypt and other exotic locales in Africa and Asia. She had several husbands but only two children and from different fathers, a son and later a daughter; while her children have predeceased her, her granddaughter still lives and has recently come to live with her.

Octavia’s younger years saw her adventuring with her cabal across Earth and many Umbral realms, seeking to catalogue and verify the existence of various purported forms of immortality. While these adventures suggested she would be comfortable in House Tytalus, Octavia chose to join House Bonisagus instead, which many at the time presumed was for the increased access to the mystical knowledge of House Bonisagus; although she is now virtually a recluse, Octavia was previously regarded as an arcanopath of note, colouring the opinions of her peers on her motivations. She oversaw the initial building of Casa Loma by a third party, and ensured that the property passed into her own hands and the hands of the Order after the death of the builder.

Octavia Grey

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