Ondrej Zabat

An artistic Ecstatic and faerie kin


General: Ondrej Zabat is an Ecstatic and member of the Fellowship of Pan faction. Just as many members of the Fellowship of Pan, Ondrej is a descendant of the fae, also known as a Kinain, and is associated with fae society. He also trains under Mala Sem and maintains ties with Kore Demeter and the Greek Chakravanti.

Abilities: Ondrej has been Awakened for several years, and has split his attentions between his magical training and the continued development of his fae-blooded arts. Ondrej is a gifted and versatile artist with a knack for many artistic styles: singing, dancing, poetry, visual arts. Ondrej has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in spiritual communion and resonance manipulation.


Ondrej was born to Greek-Argentinian parents in Argentina and became involved with the society of the fae at a young age. Later, after Ondrej had Awakened as a mage, he came to settle in the Greektown of Toronto, becoming enmeshed in the art scene and beginning his magical training. Some time has passed since then, and Ondrej has involved himself in the local faerie society, serving as a point of contact between the Traditions and the fae.

Ondrej Zabat

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