Phoebus Agostino

A Hermetic apprentice and Pythagorean


General: Phoebus Agostino is an Awakened Hermetic and aspiring member of the House Apollo faction. He is the son of a reclusive Orphan which managed to gain her child acceptance into the Hermetic college of House Flambeau. He only arrived in Toronto shortly before the summer of 1971, and since his arrival has been apprenticed to Nyx Phanaeus.

Abilities: Phoebus received an early education from his Orphan mother which seems quite robust: philosophy, classical and modern science, mathematics, music, and theology. This early education has been further built upon by years of training at a Hermetic college, refining his knowledge of the esoteric, particularly numerology, and also providing some combat training. Phoebus recently Awakened fully to True Magick and has begun his learning of the spheres. Phoebus has yet to show strong magical inclinations, but he has shown ability at several sensory arts and heightening his own mathematical prowess.


Very little is known of Phoebus’ history at this point. It is known that he was raised by an Orphan mother with enough skill, knowledge, and connections to be aware of and successfully train her son for acceptance into a Hermetic college. He attended the college of House Flambeau, excelling in his studies, and has been marked as a promising young Hermetic. He recently arrived in Toronto to receive instruction during his period of personal apprenticeship and Nyx Phanaeus has been appointed as his mater.

Phoebus Agostino

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