Rory Driscoll

A jolly Verbenae and druid


General: Rory Driscoll is an Awakened Verbena and member of the Gardeners of the Tree faction. He is the leader of the Verbenae in Toronto and a prominent figure amongst the neopagans and new agers of the area, although his own training regimen as a druid stretches back to far before the modern paganism and new age movements. Rory is also mentoring Charlotte Quay and Konrad Mann.

Abilities: Rory has been Awakened for nearly four decades and comes from a Verbena bloodline, giving him great insight and learning into the various practices of his Tradition and their traditional allies. Rory is conversant in modern society, despite his traditional upbringing, and is a skilled photographer, specializing in natural photography and nude photography. He is also a classically trained and recognized druid, possessing a broad base of mythological, metaphysical, craftworking and medical knowledge of traditional Celtic culture. Rory has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in the improvement of living beings, both biologically and through magical artificing.


Rory was born into a Verbena family which was local to Toronto since early in its settlement days. Awakening as a teenager, Rory was trained by his family as a prominent member of a growing Verbena coven, and spent some time abroad in his thirties studying under druids which still inhabited the native lands of his pagan ancestors. Upon returning to Toronto, Rory assumed leadership of the Verbenae and has remained in the position for close to twenty years. Rory is popular amongst many of the hippie, neopagan, and new age movements, and helped to channel the zeitgeist of the 60s into a backlash against high modernism, particularly in the retaining of natural green spaces in and around Toronto and the other neighbouring population centers of the area.

Rory Driscoll

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