Sabine Marceau

An orphaned Hermetic and prodigy


General: Sabine Marceau is an Awakened Hermetic and aspiring member of the House Tytalus faction. Sabine is the granddaughter of Octavia Grey, whom is her closest and only remaining kin after the death of Sabine’s parents and her uncle. As a familial member of House Tytalus, her early education was provided by the House, and Sabine has recently completed her stage of personal apprenticeship under Nyx Phaneus.

Ability: Sabine is a prodigy that Awakened quite young and grasps magic intuitively; however, her training has been interrupted several times, which has slowed her progress some. Sabine has shown interest in biology, particularly physiology and anatomy, and has considered pursuing advanced education. Since the death of her uncle, Sabine began training in many forms of combat, particularly knife fighting, and has become quite proficient. Sabine has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in sympathetic magic and blood magic.


Sabine is a prodigy that Awakened quite young; she began her training with her parents before their untimely deaths while attempting a winter climbing of K2. After this, Sabine’s uncle became her guardian; however, at the age of 13, Sabine stabbed her uncle to death, claiming years of abuse and molestation. Even though her uncle was not a mage, as he was part of a Tytalan bloodline the Quaesitori investigated and found Sabine’s actions to be justified. Since the death of her uncle, Sabine spent much of her time in school until quite recently; with her Hermetic schooling completed, Sabine has moved to Toronto to live with her grandmother, Octavia Grey.

Sabine Marceau

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