A visionary Ecstatic and hippie


General: Starshine is a recently Awakened Ecstatic and member of the Joybringer faction. She arrived in Toronto with her new friend, Charlotte Quay, and while not yet a member of a cabal, Starshine often collaborates with her friend. Starshine also trains under Mala Sem.

Abilities: Starshine has only just begun her Awakened career, but already shows great potential: mystical sensitivity, quick wits, likability, and natural oracular ability. Starshine has shown aptitude in sword fighting and her magical abilities mainly reside in farseeing and temporal viewing.


Starshine was born somewhere in the United States, and little is known of her early history. She attended Woodstock and Awakened there, meeting her friend, Charlotte Quay, during that time. She returned to Toronto with Charlotte and has become active in the Cult of Ecstasy, joining the Joybringer faction and local charities.


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