Summer Sun

An atypical Chorister and pantheist


General: Summer Sun is an Awakened Celestial Chorister and member of the Nashimite faction. Although she is a member of the Celestial Chorus, her lack of involvement in traditional church structures limits her contact with other Choristers; however, she did initially find Jackson Harris after his Awakening and informally mentors him. Summer is influential within the New Age Movement of Toronto and maintains friendly ties to the Cult of Ecstasy and the Verbenae.

Abilities: Summer has been Awakened for several years, and benefited from Awakened parents which eased her passage into mage society and the Celestial Chorus. From Hong Kong originally, Summer completed her undergraduate studies in Philosophy before coming to the University of Toronto to pursue graduate studies specializing in Metaphysics. Summer has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in feng shui and karmic interpretation.


Summer was born in Hong Kong to Awakened parents, both of which were traditional members of the Celestial Chorus. While Summer accepted many of her parents ideas, she was also exposed to Taoist ideas, and synthesized these beliefs into a pantheist worldview. She Awakened in her mid-teens and was trained by her parents, joining the Celestial Chorus. Attending university at home, Summer studied philosophy before moving to Toronto to continue her studies as a graduate student. Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Summer discovered the recently Awakened Jackson Harris and inducted him into the Chorus, serving since as his informal mentor. Since arriving in Toronto, she has become enmeshed in the New Age Movement, and has spent a great deal of time with both the Cult of Ecstasy and the Verbenae.

Summer Sun

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