A cyborg Adept and intrusion expert


General: Synthia is a Virtual Adept and member of the Cyberpunk faction. She was rescued by Kevin Parker from a Technocratic amalgam where she had been experimented on and made into a cyborg. Synthia also trains under Kevin Parker.

Abilities: Synthia has been Awakened for some time but only able to train in the last couple of years. Her formal education is minimal, but she has been trained in all manner of intrusion, security, and demolitions. Synthia has shown her magical abilities to mainly reside in self-improvement and weapon modification.


Synthia was found in a Technocratic amalgam during an assault by Kevin Parker and other Virtual Adepts. She had been experimented on for some time and her personal memories were nearly non-existent. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to the defence of her fellow Virtual Adepts and the destruction of the Technocracy.


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