Vergil Tyrell

A Hollow One and vampire survivor


General: Vergil Tyrell is a prominent Hollow One and member of the Revolutionaries faction. While he is not the recognized leader of his Craft, he is the recognized leader of the faction which opposes a merger of the Hollow Ones with the Traditions. Although he opposes such a merger, he is friendly with Kore Demeter of the Chakravanti and other Traditionalists.

Abilities: Vergil has been Awakened for several years, and spent most of it pursuing his craft. He has proven a competent combatant for the Hollow Ones in the past and carries a swordcane which he is highly proficient with. Vergil has shown his magical abilities to mainly reside in necromancy and biomancy.


Vergil was born in Toronto and orphaned by what he claims to be a vampire. His upbringing has instilled a fierce independence and his study of the vampiric world has embedded a distrust of centralized authority in him. Vergil once tracked down the vampire he believes is responsible for his parents’ death, but barely survived, and that is when he Awakened. Since that time, Vergil has focused his study on control over life and death, and has established himself as a popular counterculture art critic.

Vergil Tyrell

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