Winona Martin

A new Dreamspeaker and scooped Native


General: Winona Martin is an Awakened Dreamspeaker with no declared affiliation to a faction. She was taken from her biological family shortly after her birth and placed with a Caucasian family; only recently has she begun to reconnect with her Native heritage, leading her to the Dreamspeakers.

Abilities: Winona has received a traditional education and upbringing in downtown Toronto, including a flirtation with the New Age movement of the 60s, which has only begun to be supplemented by a more traditional training in Native American practices and medicine by the Dreamspeakers. She is a notably quick student, but still has much to learn. Winona has yet to display a strong affinity to any areas of magical ability.


Winona was born to a Native American family on a reserve in 1951 and promptly taken from her parents to be placed with the Martin family, a Caucasian family in downtown Toronto with a young son. She grew up as a typical urban youth from a comfortable family, including a rebellious involvement with the New Age movement of the times which expanded her horizons; however, inspired by her time among the New Age movement she began to seek out her native culture and parents. She has connected with the Native community of Toronto, and through their teaching Awakened to the truth of medicine, becoming a Dreamspeaker. Unfortunately, her search for her biological parents has been mostly unsuccessful and for the moment she has chosen to focus her efforts on learning their culture in lieu of finding them.

Winona Martin

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