Nyx Phanaeus


General: Nyx Phanaeus is an Hermetic and a member of House Tremere. She has recently arrived in Toronto to pursue a master’s degree in Feminist Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology working under the supervision of Sorin Hildebrand and Callum Quick. Richard Hobart has also been providing guidance to Nyx and she lives in his estate. When not at home or university Nyx can often be found at Castle Loma or with her young apprentice Sabine.

Abilities: Nyx followed the typical Tremere path for awakening and education both magical and mundane for the past 10 years and is well steeped in Tremere and Hermetic tradition. Nyx has shown promise in the areas of magical theory, Hermetic politics, and Anthropology/Archaeology.



Nyx was born to an old Hermetic family. Her father, Justinian Apollo, is a Quaesitor and her mother, Tara Ivomagus, is a member of House Tremere and a Diedne. She attended the Tremere school at Ceoris and then completed her undergrad while living in the Tremere’s domus magnus, Branugurix.

Nyx Phanaeus

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